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For more than 25 years, Don Savage Builders has worked to make homes of beauty, quality and affordability for families in the Prescott Area. As Prescott, AZ new home builders and remodelers, our greatest assets are our staff, suppliers, sales representatives and subcontractors, who all work together to ensure the success of each project.

Many Millennial home buyers are gravitating to new home construction, especially in the Prescott AZ real estate market. Although some Millennials in their 20s and early 30s financially struggled with under-employment and student loan debt during the Great Recession, they are ready to become first-time home buyers.

Unlike some generations, Millennials aren't afraid to ask their parents or grandparents for help. According to a recent Trulia study cited by one Wall Street Journal article, half of home buyers in that age group plan to ask their parents for a down payment. Many of them won't have to settle for resale homes.

  • Choose semi-custom

When sifting through the many properties for sale in the Pescott AZ real estate market, it's wise for first-time home buyers to check out the semi-custom home plans. Semi-custom homes are often reasonably and competitively priced. Millennials grew up in an era of "choice," which is why semi-custom is the answer. You can choose your finish options including faucets, fixtures and appliances.

Older generations planned to downsize after leaving the workforce, but baby boomers are more likely to upsize their standard of living in retirement. One of the ways to improve your lifestyle is to buy a new, dream home as a reward for all of your hard work.

Some of the advantages of buying a new home include being free to customize a home with faucets, appliances and high-end fixtures. Choosing the right layout, adding desired features such as bay windows and enjoying energy-efficient amenities are other distinct advantages that come with new home construction in Prescott, Arizona.

For many homebuyers, particularly those buying a home for the first time, the biggest decision they have to make is whether to buy a new or resale home.  Oftentimes for first time homebuyers, buying a new home can be the best choice due to the fact that a new home can be less stressful to own, and can provide homeowners with more benefits (such as a community with superior amenities). However, if you have never before consider whether it is best to purchase a new home or a resale home, here are a few of the advantages of buying a new home.

Building Quality

New homes are generally built to a higher standard and with better regulations and building codes in mind. This means that with a new home, you will not have to worry about the sturdiness and stability of your homes construction. Whether heavy weather comes your way, or an earthquake strikes your area, a new construction home will be better able to withstand an emergency. Furthermore, increased building quality can translate to savings for you. This is due to the fact that new homes are typically built with better insulation and superior energy saving appliances, which will help to save you money on your energy bills.

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So the day is finally here!  You’ve built your Prescott new home and are planning to move into it.  Everyone in your family is pretty excited and they’re all pitching in.  You’ve probably also enlisted a friend or two to help.  And you’re planning on throwing a huge party that very evening, after the moving is done.  Do you see any problems with this picture?  If you don’t, then read on for a few moving tips.

1. Movers vs. Friends and Family.  When you’re moving, you generally have the choice of using movers or enlisting friends and family to help.  If you don’t have a lot of stuff, then you can just move with the help of friends and family.  However, you’ll need to figure out exactly how much stuff you do have in advance.  So start packing at least a few days, ideally a week, before you plan to move.  Once you see all your stuff in boxes, you’ll get a better idea of exactly how much stuff has to be moved.  Also keep in mind that your friends and family might be willing to help out but they probably won't be able to lift things as easily as professional movers.

2. Moving in One Day vs. Moving Over Time.  Most people like to get all their moving done in one day so that their lives aren’t disrupted for a long period of time.  However, it might actually turn out be more convenient to move a little bit at a time.  This way, you won’t get too fatigued on one day.  You can move a little bit each weekend.  Just make sure that you don’t end up moving the things you absolutely need.  You shouldn’t end up living in a home with no clothes or no computer!

3. Throwing Out the Things You Don’t Need.  There’s no point in carrying a lot of things that you don’t think you’re going to use to your new home.  A general rule is that you can probably throw out something that you haven’t used in six months.  If you have a lot of books that have been sitting on your shelves unread for years, do you really want to take them to your new home where they’ll sit on the shelves for a few more years?  Why not go through everything, figure out what you really want to have in your life and then pack that?

Contact us for more information about building and moving into your Prescott new home.

The process of having your dream home built can be stressful due to all of the decisions that one must make during this process. However, having your dream home built can become even more stressful if you do not pick the right builder to guide you through the process. Thusly, if you are about to begin the process of having your new home built, it is vital that you take the time to choose the right builder to make your dream home become your reality. To help you in this process, here are some things you should consider when searching for a Prescott AZ home builder.

Compile a List of Potential Builders

Before you begin to meet with and talk to builders, it is imperative that you take the proper time to research potential builders. Look online for builders who you believe provide the level of service you are looking for.

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Make Your Credit History Spotless


kitchenMake Your Credit History Spotless

In the prescott az real estate market flawless credit history is mandatory.  Flawed credit history lowers credit score and makes lenders weary.  If your credit score isn't up to par, you can do something about it without delaying house hunting.

Check TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.  With three free reports yearly, you have an opportunity to examine past and current balances.  If there are any discrepancies or fraud, handle it immediately.  Contact the company with the problem and inform them about the disagreement.  Companies will perform an investigation and determine if you are correct.  You can also ask to take the mistake off the credit report.  Keeping the mistake on the report lowers credit score.  If the blame is on your end, resolve it promptly.


Cliff Rose LotThree Lesser Known Advantages of Buying a New Home

There are certain obvious advantages of buying a new home, such as the fact that you won’t have to replace any appliances or do major repairs right away.  You can choose to renovate a little if you find that the floor plan isn’t exactly the way you want it.  But the house is livable right away in most other aspects.  However, there are also certain lesser known advantages of buying a new home.

1. Better floor plans.  As time goes on, people start constructing homes with greater privacy and more amenities.  In some old homes, it’s not unusual to find smaller rooms and windows and claw-footed bathtubs instead of showers.  This may seem quaint at first but it will probably get old pretty fast when you’re rushing in the mornings to get to work.  In a new home, you’re definitely going to have more space and better bathrooms.


Finally building the home of your dreams is an exciting opportunity. It is important, though, to embark on this journey with all of your questions answered.

To give you the information and confidence needed to make the best decision, you should ask any prospective Prescott AZ home builder several questions.

Questions Concerning Builder’s Reputation

  • How many houses have you built?
  • How long have you been building houses?
  • Do you have the proper licensing or certifications?
  • How do your prices compare with other area home builders?
  • What kind of warranty will I receive?
  • Can I have a list of referrals? Are homes you have built available for me to tour? 

New Home LotThere are many advantages of buying a new home and many advantages of customizing your home, too.  When you put the two together and work with a Prescott AZ home builder, you can end up with the home of your dreams.  However, it’s also very easy to let your creativity run haywire.  If you have a lot of ideas but you can’t seem to pinpoint the ones you really want to put into practice, consider the following suggestions:

  • What Makes You Comfortable?  Everyone’s had that one room or that one home that they remember really fondly.  You may think that it’s just nostalgia but it’s quite possible that there were certain things about that space that were just right for you.  Write down all the points that you remember and try to recall whether being in a similar space worked for you at a different time as well.  For example, if the home you remember most fondly had a fireplace, think back to whether fireplaces in general have put you at ease.
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Downsize into a New Home in Prescott


Downsize into a smaller homeDownsize into a New Home in Prescott

If the current home isn't suiting you, downsize!  After the children grow up and move out, the home becomes too big.  The home you and the spouse shared ends up with just you inside.  The home mortgage and bills are too expensive to maintain, the yard is too big or the home is too large to maintain chores on your own.  That's a few examples of why downsizing is a good idea.  Here are the keys to making it a reality:

  • The most important step into downsizing isn't moving from one place to another.  You can check our blog or research online for the steps to moving from one home to another.  From selling your home to searching for another one and everything in between, every question has an answer.
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