Downsize into a New Home in Prescott


Downsize into a smaller homeDownsize into a New Home in Prescott

If the current home isn't suiting you, downsize!  After the children grow up and move out, the home becomes too big.  The home you and the spouse shared ends up with just you inside.  The home mortgage and bills are too expensive to maintain, the yard is too big or the home is too large to maintain chores on your own.  That's a few examples of why downsizing is a good idea.  Here are the keys to making it a reality:

  • The most important step into downsizing isn't moving from one place to another.  You can check our blog or research online for the steps to moving from one home to another.  From selling your home to searching for another one and everything in between, every question has an answer.

Complete Your Home Purchase With Home Insurance


Home InsurancePurchasing Home Insurance is the final step of your home purchase.  It will protect you from paying extra money to repair or rebuild your home in case of an unexpected event.  The Prescott, AZ, real estate market advises homeowners to purchase insurance in case of natural disasters or unexpected damage to belongings. 

A good price for home insurance is one that's affordable and covers everything you need.  Paying a low cost for little to no coverage isn't saving you money.  Paying for additional features you don't need or want is wasting money.  Along with the purchase price for the home, other cost factors include home age, neighborhood, condition of plumbing, heating and electrical, security system installations and distance from the home to important places (i.e., fire department).  Here's a general synopsis of what is covered:

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