How Building a Prescott New Home Is Like Creating a Work of Art

How Building a Prescott New Home Is Like Creating a Work of Art

Some people want to build a Prescott new home because they like to have control over every aspect of its construction.  They want their rooms to be a specific size and shape.  They want the architecture of the house to come from a certain time period.  And they want to oversee every single detail, from door handles to backyard seating.  Of course, building a custom home will allow you to specify exactly what you want in every step of the building process.  But it’s about much more than just control.

Creating a Work of Art

A home is a work of art, like a painting, a poem or a photograph.  Of course, you need to be conversant with the practical aspect of creating this work of art, just as you do with other art forms.  When it comes to painting, you have to decide what kind of canvas you want, what kind of paints you’re going to use and what your perspective will be.  Similarly, in a house, you’ll need to understand the basics of floor plans, foundations, beams etc.  A house has to provide shelter first and foremost.  But once these elements are taken care of, you can let your imagination run riot and create exactly what you want.

Perform a Background Check Before You Buy

As you browse the prescott az real estate market, looking at your home interior and exterior is your main goal. What buyers also need to do is look deeper. There may be secrets that take away from the home's beauty. The thought of termites, mold, pending court cases or more than one owner of the home will make you think twice about purchasing it. Perform the real estate's version of a home background check.

Title Search

Your realtor will team up with a title company to perform a title search.  This ensures that the seller has the right to sell you the property without any strings attached.  Liens, claims, ownership transfers, wills, trusts, deeds and other public records are thoroughly examined.  What buyers hope to hear is the title search came back clean or clear.  Unfortunately, this is not the case for every house.

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