Creative Dreamers and Logical Thinkers Can Both Build a Home on the Prescott AZ Real Estate Market

For many people, the idea of building a home sounds very daunting.  They think that they’re going to have to get involved in all the technical details about the various building materials available on the market.  If you’re a builder, then you know all these details, but to a layperson, one type of glass for windows looks pretty much the same as any other.  So even though people might want to build their own custom homes, they’re afraid of making mistakes in the process.

Being as Involved as You Want in the Building Process

With Don Savage Builders, you don’t have to worry about being on top of all these little details.  Given our experience in the Prescott AZ real estate market, we will be happy to keep you as involved as you want, but you can choose the degree of your involvement.  If you want to know about all the various types of building materials, we can give you that information and also provide you with the benefit of our advice about what would be the best choice, leaving it up to you to choose which ones will eventually go into your home. 

5 Reasons To Love the Prescott AZ Real Estate Market

prescott az granite mountainIt's no secret that people from every part of the country are moving to the area in and around Prescott, Arizona. Also known as the quad-city area, the Prescott AZ real estate market encompasses the city of Prescott and the towns of Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Mayer-Humboldt; happily, Don Savage Builders' home sites can be located in any of them! Some of the area's new arrivals are escaping the harsh winters of the Midwest and east coast, others are trading the congestion and anonymity of big city life for the open spaces and congeniality of a small but vibrant rural center. Here are 5 lesser-known reasons those who build their dream home here have no regrets:

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