Weighing the Advantages of Buying a New Home Versus an Older One

New Home Prescott AZThe idea of a brand new home is very enticing, and there are many excellent reasons for buying one. But then again, older homes have their charms and advantages as well. There are, of course, other factors to consider when making this most important decision, such as the local community, distance from work and family, and the layout and feel of the home. With so many new and used homes to choose from here in Prescott, a good place to start your home search is by considering the advantages of buying a new home versus an older one.

New Home Advantages

  • Customization. When you have a new home built, you have the opportunity to work with your architect and designers to create a house that uniquely matches your needs and desires.
  • Everything is fresh and smells brand new. No one before you had used the shower, slept in the bedrooms or walked on the carpets.
  • Master suite. New master bedrooms are larger than those in most older homes. Builders are placing more emphasis on creating luxurious master bedrooms with more amenities.
  • Open layout. New homes have more open and efficient floor plans. Dining rooms, hallways, kitchens and other rooms tend to flow naturally into one another. Many homes combine a majority of living space into one grand room with large windows and a high ceiling.
  • Energy efficiency. New homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, from building materials and windows, to the latest energy efficient appliances.
  • Low maintenance. There are no repairs needing to be performed. The furnace, water heater, pipes and ducts are new and clean. The appliances will not need attention for some time.
  • It may cost less. Advances in construction methods, combined with smaller yards, means that some new homes actually cost less than older ones.

Prescott new homes - Choose the lot carefully

Land for Sale Prescott AZThose who have decided on building Prescott new homes have lot of decisions on their hands and the location is one of the most important. Choosing the location in important as it directly affects not only the area where your new home is located but also the type of community, taxes, plan restrictions and much more.

Your homes new location is so important because it is permanent and you cannot change it unless you sell your home. Here are some things to consider when picking out a lot:


The physical location of your new lot should be considered as it affects drive times to places you frequent. Items that should be considered are proximity to your work, schools, relatives, shopping as well as places you want to avoid such as certain neighborhoods. If you find an area you like drive around and check out the surrounding neighborhoods and business’s so there are not any surprises when you move in.

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