Older generations planned to downsize after leaving the workforce, but baby boomers are more likely to upsize their standard of living in retirement. One of the ways to improve your lifestyle is to buy a new, dream home as a reward for all of your hard work.

Some of the advantages of buying a new home include being free to customize a home with faucets, appliances and high-end fixtures. Choosing the right layout, adding desired features such as bay windows and enjoying energy-efficient amenities are other distinct advantages that come with new home construction in Prescott, Arizona.

 Customizing a home

In addition to choosing a model with a layout that suits your needs in retirement, it’s also nice to be able to meet with a design team. For the bathroom, you can select cultured marble vanity or maple cabinets. When upsizing, baby boomers often select granite for the kitchen counter.

  • Entertaining indoors and out

To create great curb appeal, consider stone veneer. New homes are built with entertaining in mind. Choose a home that includes a covered deck, uncovered deck or covered porch depending on your individual needs.

  • Keeping it ‘green’

Other advantages of buying a new home include the “green factor.” By using the newer energy-efficient appliances, new homes help you save on your utility bills. Energy conservation is one everyone’s mind.

Maybe your parents or grandfathers roughed it in retirement even after years of scrimping and saving. A new generation of retirees don’t intend to be martyrs as they grow older, but plan to live it up.

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