There are certain obvious advantages of buying a new home, such as the fact that you won’t have to replace any appliances or do major repairs right away.  You can choose to renovate a little if you find that the floor plan isn’t exactly the way you want it.  But the house is livable right away in most other aspects.  However, there are also certain lesser known advantages of buying a new home.

1. Better floor plans.  As time goes on, people start constructing homes with greater privacy and more amenities.  In some old homes, it’s not unusual to find smaller rooms and windows and claw-footed bathtubs instead of showers.  This may seem quaint at first but it will probably get old pretty fast when you’re rushing in the mornings to get to work.  In a new home, you’re definitely going to have more space and better bathrooms.


2. Central heating and air-conditioning.  In an older home, you’re likely to find those creaky radiators by the window which either let out a lot of heat or none at all.  You’ll also lose a part of a window when you have to install an air-conditioner in it.  In most new homes, you’ll have central heating and air-conditioning, both of which make less noise and perform better overall.

3. Better investments.  Newer homes make better investments than older ones.  This is because, as a home gets older, it’s bound to become less livable.  It’s going to need a lot of maintenance, maybe even a complete overhaul, to maintain those quaint old architectural elements while still having modern conveniences.  If you don’t perform these renovations, the people who buy the home from you will have to do so.  As a result, they’re less likely to pay you a high price for your home.

So if you’re thinking about buying or constructing a new home, contact us.  We will help you to customize your home so that it becomes everything you’re looking for.