When you are in the market for a home, one consideration is whether to buy a new or existing home. There are advantages and disadvantages either way. A resale home has a history, it is in an already established neighborhood, and any unexpected new house defects have already been resolved. This article explores some of the advantages of buying a new home.

1. Latest Design and Construction Trends

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) reports that the interest in special function rooms, which was low during the housing downturn is back, along with larger sized house. Special function rooms include safe rooms, au pair or in-law suites, mud rooms and outdoor living areas. Home offices are also growing in popularity, with more people either telecommuting full-time or self-employed. Interest is also increasing for accommodating an aging population. Ground floor master bedrooms and baths are gaining popularity, as are ramps, elevators and easier to use fixtures.

2. Technological Innovations

The AIA also states that wireless systems are among the most popular innovations in recent years. Basic household systems such as lighting, heating and air conditioning, and security are being integrated, and controlled both automatically and remotely. Built-in backup power generators are also being added, to automatically kick in when the power goes out.

3. Personalization

A new house allows you to design the interior according to your personal style. If you are involved in the construction process, you essentially have a blank canvas on which to paint a picture of your ideal house. You can design the layout and select the flooring, cabinets, fixtures, counter tops, hardware and anything else you desire to reflect your style and how you live.

4. Lower Maintenance

Low-maintenance materials, and synthetic flooring and siding are increasing in popularity for their durability and ease in cleaning. New products combine energy efficiency and convenience with the goal of healthier and more care-free homes.

5. Warranty

New homes come with warranties offering limited coverage on workmanship and materials related to such components as windows, heading, electrical and plumbing systems. They usually stipulate how repairs will be performed. Typical warranties are for one year, although some builders provide coverage up to ten years. Warranties vary with the builder, but they are there to cover hidden defects that may come with any new construction.

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