These days, when you’re thinking about buying a new home, you have a lot of options.  Many builders will add or remove features depending on your specifications.  Plus, you can also choose between different architectural styles.  However, if you find that these options aren’t varied enough for you, you can also build a custom home from scratch, with the help of Prescott AZ home builder Don Savage.  Here are some great reasons to build your own home:

  1. You can pick your architectural style:  Whether you’re fond of Greek revival or Art Deco, you can build a home in the style that you
want.  At times, it’s even possible to combine two styles and come up with something entirely different.  You might want to use this method sparingly though, because you don’t want your home to become a mishmash of styles.

  • You can make it as big as you want:  Often, people find that model homes are just a bit too small or too big.  Plus, if you have a big family, you might want to make your living room bigger than other rooms.  You might even want to have attached bathrooms in each bedroom.  These are little things but they may not necessarily be available in homes that are already on the market.
  • You can add as many little custom touches as you like:  If you’d love to have a fireplace in front of which you can relax on those cold winter days, this is a custom touch that you can add to your home.  If you love sculptural glass staircases and want to build one in a prominent spot in your home, you can do this too.  If you love to sit by the window and read, why not get a built-in window seat?  The options are endless when it comes to custom touches.
  • You can make sure you get enough light:  In today’s world, it seems like human beings spend a lot of time indoors and our bodies aren’t made for this.  So it’s a good idea to at least let in a lot of light to trick your body into thinking it’s outdoors.  This is something you can incorporate into every room in your custom home.
  • You can give it good “chi”:  For some people, this idea might seem a little bit out there, but every home has a certain energy or “chi.”  This isn’t something that you can explain entirely; it’s more something that you feel.  When you walk into certain homes, you get a light, airy feeling while others may come across as crowded, cluttered or just aesthetically unappealing.  Ask yourself what kind of home has the best “chi” for you.  You can even try visualizing this kind of home in your mind and then explaining it to your architect or builder.