It’s no secret that people from every part of the country are moving to the area in and around Prescott, Arizona. Also known as the quad-city area, the Prescott AZ real estate market encompasses the city of Prescott and the towns of Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Mayer-Humboldt; happily, Don Savage Builders’ home sites can be located in any of them! Some of the area’s new arrivals are escaping the harsh winters of the Midwest and east coast, others are trading the congestion and anonymity of big city life for the open spaces and congeniality of a small but vibrant rural center. Here are 5 lesser-known reasons those who build their dream home here have no regrets:


  1. Unique Beauty of Every Season– It is truly difficult to choose which season is the most beautiful in Prescott:
    1. Winter snowfalls can occur as late as May, but rarely top a few inches, just enough to frost the landscape.
    2. Spring comes adorned with pink and white blossoms on decorative fruit trees lining roads and dressing up yards, and the intense yellow-green of new buds everywhere.
    3. Summer temperatures are consistently 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix, very seldom more than 90 degrees, and almost always perfect hiking weather.
    4. Fall brings the turning leaves, smoke curling from chimneys, and annual Halloween festivities in quaint neighborhoods of spookily decorated Victorians.
  2. State and National Architectural Treasures – In addition to the many beautifully preserved Victorian homes, downtown Prescott is dotted with handsome historic buildings, including the original Carnegie Library funded by the famous 19th century philanthropist, and the painstakingly restored, turn-of-the-century Elks Theater. The Yavapai County Courthouse in the central square is classic Americana–and looks for all the world like the courthouse from the famous time travel experiment inBack to the Future!
  3. Rich History– Prescott’s role as the one-time capital of the Arizona Territory and home-base for many profitable mining ventures drew the famous and the infamous to it’s early city limits. These included John C. Fremont, known as The Pathfinder, who with Kit Carson explored and mapped the West. Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday and his girl, Big Nose Kate, also frequented Prescott’s saloons, some of which still stand along Whiskey Row.
  4. Community Feeling– Charitable groups like Meals-on-Wheels serve seniors and the home-bound while Yavapai Exceptional Industries provides meaningful work and belonging for the differently abled. Youth are the focus of programs like Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Boys to Men which conducts timely, supportive interventions for boys at risk. Love of animals in the Prescott area can only be described as epidemic, with many humane animal organizations sustained by community contributions. Issues of interest to the entire community, such as open space, road maintenance, and redesign of the local airport are discussed and debated with gusto at public meetings and in newspaper editorials.
  5. Wildlife– The nearness of the Prescott National Forest ensures that wildlands and the fauna that go with them will always be part of the Prescott environs. Birding is a major hobby in the area, with specialty stores supplying everything needed to “bring birdlife right to your backyard”! Coveys of quail, lone roadrunners, hawks, owls, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, and ravens are just a few of the local birds seen with some frequency. Many backyards in the area are also graced with visits from pronghorn antelope, deer and troops of boar-like javelina.

If you would like to build your home in the Prescott area (and promise not to give away its secrets!), please contact us.