The American Dream of owning a home is harder to obtain in reality. Bankers and mortgage lenders are making it difficult to get a loan. They can’t wait to take your home away if you miss a few payments. Many people don’t have the money to purchase a mortgage much less a great home. That doesn’t mean you should stop reaching for that dream. There are advantages of buying a new home, and one aspect of it is social.

Financial Stability: Financial stability comes from paying mortgages. You know how much you owe per month, the business you pay it to and payments remain stable with no sudden changes unless they tell you in advance. For people who paid off their mortgage financial stability means no more paying monthly rent to remain at the residence. The money will go into other important bills and repairs.

Neighborhood Stability: The community stability means you’re anchored to the community. You live in a community you know and trust, so you’ll get to know your neighbors. You have a say in community or neighborhood issues and volunteer. You are also more active in civic participation such as voting and jury duty.

Freedom: The freedom to do whatever you want in your own home is priceless. When you rent from other people or apartment owners they have control over what you can and cannot do. It’s their property and you were invited to stay there (assuming you pay your rent). They have their rules and you must obey them. A homeowner can paint the walls any color, plant a garden, take away items you don’t want, change a bedroom or closet into a game room or laundry room and much more without getting fined or punished for doing so.

Health: Stress is greatly reduced. It feels like a weight is lifted off their shoulders after rental life. Home owners have control over their lives and can do what they want when they want; Renters have a landlord telling them what they can and cannot do; this causes stress. Stress can cause sleep problems, pain, headaches and fatigue. As stress decreases your self-esteem goes up. Homeowners are happier as a result.

The social effects of owning a home is worth every ounce of energy to reach the goal. No matter how tough it is out there you can and you will live the American dream. Reading this is more than enough motivation to get going.  Contact us for more information on buying a home.