Choosing between a newly built home and a preexisting home can be a tough decision. An article by U.S. News “9 Reasons to buy a newly built home” details some obvious reasons to choose new construction and some that are often overlooked. Homebuyers who are considering a new home should look past the obvious advantages of buying a new home and consider the smaller details that could just be the deciding factor.

Fire Safety

Fire and emergency weather safety is not on high on the list of homebuyer’s wish list, but is very important in their day to day lives. New construction boasts vast improvements over most preexisting home as new building materials are much more advanced for fire safety and fire retardation.   Also many new home building codes require construction plans to prevent fire from spreading easily from different sections of a home. Newly built homes also are designed to withstand high winds and offer protection from hurricanes and tornadoes much more than their older counterparts.


Newly built homes offer the advantage of extra concessions from home builders. Homeowners can take advantage of specials including discounted custom additions, amenities and décor. Buyers are often more likely to get a discounted price of a newly built home as the seller is selling many homes over a period of time and not just one as a preexisting home seller is.


Home builders often will offer special financing for buyers of their new homes that are not available to buyers of older homes. The builders either offers their own financing or reaches a bulk loan deal with a bank that allows them to offer better financing rates that are only good on purchasing home within their development.  If you would like to find out more information taking advantages of these benefits of a newly built home, please contact us.