Three Lesser Known Advantages of Buying a New Home

Three Lesser Known Advantages of Buying a New Home

There are certain obvious advantages of buying a new home, such as the fact that you won’t have to replace any appliances or do major repairs right away.  You can choose to renovate a little if you find that the floor plan isn’t exactly the way you want it.  But the house is livable right away in most other aspects.  However, there are also certain lesser known advantages of buying a new home.

1. Better floor plans.  As time goes on, people start constructing homes with greater privacy and more amenities.  In some old homes, it’s not unusual to find smaller rooms and windows and claw-footed bathtubs instead of showers.  This may seem quaint at first but it will probably get old pretty fast when you’re rushing in the mornings to get to work.  In a new home, you’re definitely going to have more space and better bathrooms.


2. Central heating and air-conditioning.  In an older home, you’re likely to find those creaky radiators by the window which either let out a lot of heat or none at all.  You’ll also lose a part of a window when you have to install an air-conditioner in it.  In most new homes, you’ll have central heating and air-conditioning, both of which make less noise and perform better overall.

3. Better investments.  Newer homes make better investments than older ones.  This is because, as a home gets older, it’s bound to become less livable.  It’s going to need a lot of maintenance, maybe even a complete overhaul, to maintain those quaint old architectural elements while still having modern conveniences.  If you don’t perform these renovations, the people who buy the home from you will have to do so.  As a result, they’re less likely to pay you a high price for your home.

So if you’re thinking about buying or constructing a new home, contact us.  We will help you to customize your home so that it becomes everything you’re looking for.

Make Your Credit History Spotless

Make Your Credit History Spotless

In the prescott az real estate market flawless credit history is mandatory.  Flawed credit history lowers credit score and makes lenders weary.  If your credit score isn’t up to par, you can do something about it without delaying house hunting.

Check TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.  With three free reports yearly, you have an opportunity to examine past and current balances.  If there are any discrepancies or fraud, handle it immediately.  Contact the company with the problem and inform them about the disagreement.  Companies will perform an investigation and determine if you are correct.  You can also ask to take the mistake off the credit report.  Keeping the mistake on the report lowers credit score.  If the blame is on your end, resolve it promptly.


Pay the balance in full on time.  This is the easiest way to build credit and keep credit at a good score.  A perpetual process of payment will look good to lenders.  Look at the date and pay the amount specified.  If you cannot afford to pay it in full, understand that paying the minimum balance includes a low credit score and unnecessary interest rates.  Pay off as much maxed-out credit cards as possible.


Don’t close old accounts or add new ones.  Most of the time, closing an account means you’re done with it.  Everything attached to the account permanently vanishes. In credit history, closing accounts hurts your credit score.  The paper trail remains on your file for a maximum of seven years.  Opening a new account will lower the average credit age and credit score because it’s too new for the account to make an impact.  It’s best to open a new account after obtaining the home and mortgage.


A lengthy credit history looks good to creditors.  Lenders see a long stable credit history as someone they can trust.  Credit accounts that are too new have a harder chance of obtaining creditors’ trust.


The unemployed, bad credit or no credit recipients still have an option: paying more on the down payment.  It’s going to take a chunk of money to receive the trust of lenders, but it’s worth it.  They’ll have more money in their possession, and you’ll get the mortgage loan.  It also increases the chances of becoming a homeowner.


Credit scores mean the world to lenders.  Since rules and regulations force lenders to be tougher, prove to them you are responsible and dependent with credit history.  For more information on purchasing the home of your dreams, contact us.

Your Prescott AZ Home Builder: Important Questions to Ask

Your Prescott AZ Home Builder: Important Questions to Ask

inally building the home of your dreams is an exciting opportunity. It is important, though, to embark on this journey with all of your questions answered.

To give you the information and confidence needed to make the best decision, you should ask any prospective Prescott AZ home builder several questions.

Questions Concerning Builder’s Reputation

  • How many houses have you built?
  • How long have you been building houses?
  • Do you have the proper licensing or certifications?
  • How do your prices compare with other area home builders?
  • What kind of warranty will I receive?
  • Can I have a list of referrals? Are homes you have built available for me to tour?

 Questions Pertaining to the Logistics

  • What floor plans are available? Do you build from your plans or can I provide my own?
  • What type of home design do you recommend?
  • What features are standard? What upgrades can I choose?
  • Will the home have any low-water or energy-saving features?
  • How much will my new house cost?
  • How long does building a new house take?
  • Will I be able to see the home while it is being built? Am I allowed to bring others onto the build site?
  • Who chooses the wall colors, floor material, cabinets, and other things in the house?
  • Is any of the landscaping included in the price?
  • Can I purchase things such as appliances from my brother (or other person) who works in the industry?


Questions About Customer Service

  • What can I expect from you during the building process?
  • Who do I contact with questions about the building of my new home during the process?
  • Who do I talk with if I change my mind about something?


The list of questions serves as a guide to help you find the best builder for your new home. If there are other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Channeling Your Creativity with a Prescott AZ Home Builder: Comfort, Finances and Taste

Channeling Your Creativity with a Prescott AZ Home Builder: Comfort, Finances and Taste

There are many advantages of buying a new home and many advantages of customizing your home, too.  When you put the two together and work with a Prescott AZ home builder, you can end up with the home of your dreams.  However, it’s also very easy to let your creativity run haywire.  If you have a lot of ideas but you can’t seem to pinpoint the ones you really want to put into practice, consider the following suggestions:

  • What Makes You Comfortable?  Everyone’s had that one room or that one home that they remember really fondly.  You may think that it’s just nostalgia but it’s quite possible that there were certain things about that space that were just right for you.  Write down all the points that you remember and try to recall whether being in a similar space worked for you at a different time as well.  For example, if the home you remember most fondly had a fireplace, think back to whether fireplaces in general have put you at ease.

Can You Afford Everything?  You might have a lot of different ideas about what you want in a home.  Maybe you want that perfect four-poster bedroom, a living room with a view, a study where you can concentrate, a gym where you can work out, a fully equipped kitchen where you can create some of your favorite dishes, a den with a big screen TV and other entertainment options, a swimming pool, a garden, a rock garden, a koi pond, etc. The list of things that you like can just go on and on.  If you can afford it all, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have it, unless the two things are clashing with each other like flower beds and rock gardens. If you can’t afford everything, make sure you get the things you’re definitely going to use rather than the things that you might want to use once in a while.

Taste. The other problem with getting absolutely everything you want out of a home is that it might be a little bit out of the bounds of good taste.  This doesn’t mean that you have to rein yourself in and settle for something that you don’t love.  It just means that you should think about whether you’re getting these things because you actually want them or because they’re status symbols.  If you can be sure that it’s your own taste which is dictating the building of your home, then you can rest easy.


These are just a few things you should consider when you’re building a custom home.  Contact us for more tips and information.

Complete Your Home Purchase With Home Insurance

Complete Your Home Purchase With Home Insurance

Purchasing Home Insurance is the final step of your home purchase.  It will protect you from paying extra money to repair or rebuild your home in case of an unexpected event.  The Prescott, AZ, real estate market advises homeowners to purchase insurance in case of natural disasters or unexpected damage to belongings.

A good price for home insurance is one that’s affordable and covers everything you need.  Paying a low cost for little to no coverage isn’t saving you money.  Paying for additional features you don’t need or want is wasting money.  Along with the purchase price for the home, other cost factors include home age, neighborhood, condition of plumbing, heating and electrical, security system installations and distance from the home to important places (i.e., fire department).  Here’s a general synopsis of what is covered:


  • Protection from wind, theft, fire, etc
  • Liability insurance
  • Living expenses during home repair/rebuild
  • Medical payment
  • Personal items / belongings protection


Homeowners need to shop around to find the best value for their insurance.  Coverage details, cost, deductibles, compensation, ease of filing a claim and policy terms should be examined thoroughly with each quote given.  Compare several insurance companies through their websites and social media, and by asking questions over the phone.  Some insurance companies offer discounts for joining home and car/life insurance. Choose three to five companies and get a quote from each through the website or over the phone.  Compare prices based on coverage, not cost alone.  Be prepared – sometimes your home or belongings will need an inspection prior to a quote. Ask more questions before choosing one and drawing up a policy.  Sign the policy on your terms – never succumb to pressure.


An insurance policy requires maintenance – the process isn’t over just because you’ve signed a policy!  Revisit your policy yearly to evaluate if you’ve acquired too much coverage or if you can save money by unloading coverage you don’t need.  You have an option of changing the policy each year.


You worked hard to find the perfect home.  You need home insurance to keep the four walls, the roof and floor safe.  An agent or realtor is here to assist you with questions and concerns.  For more information on home insurance, contact us.

Perform a Background Check Before You Buy

Perform a Background Check Before You Buy

As you browse the Prescott, AZ real estate market, looking at your home interior and exterior is your main goal. What buyers also need to do is look deeper. There may be secrets that take away from the home’s beauty. The thought of termites, mold, pending court cases or more than one owner of the home will make you think twice about purchasing it. Perform the real estate’s version of a home background check.

Title Search

Your realtor will team up with a title company to perform a title search.  This ensures that the seller has the right to sell you the property without any strings attached.  Liens, claims, ownership transfers, wills, trusts, deeds and other public records are thoroughly examined.  What buyers hope to hear is the title search came back clean or clear.  Unfortunately, this is not the case for every house.

Unpaid taxes, court judgments, home projects and/or mortgage payments discovered.  Other things like current rental arrangements, co-homeowners, bankruptcy, foreclosure, easements, encroachments and pending court proceedings are very likely.  If the title doesn’t come back clean, it delays purchase.  Oftentimes the seller can arrange to resolve this problem; in other situations, it’s impossible.  You may have to find another place to stay if it can’t be resolved.

Home Inspection

A realtor should mention this to you automatically.  Home inspections (paid by you) are a worthy investment.  Termites, mold, lead paint and asbestos are some of the things home inspectors discover.  They also look for broken or faulty wiring, plumbing, water heater and other equipment.  They dig deep to uncover things sellers often hide.  This is where buyers get fussy.  Those buyers want to hear nothing’s wrong.  In reality that’s only possible if the home is built from the ground up.  Instead, buyers need to hear wear and tear items and/or minimal problems.  It is advised to attend the inspection, but it’s not necessary.  The seller gets the results of the inspection and decides if the home needs further repairs.  The buyer decides if the home is still worth pursuing after receiving the results.

While there are websites that will provide a background check for a fee, it’s nothing like a realtor’s background check.  They will uncover those secrets and inform you about them so you can make a decision before you sign.  If nothing is wrong, the home will be worry free and hassle free.  Contact us for more information.