There are many advantages of buying a new home and many advantages of customizing your home, too.  When you put the two together and work with a Prescott AZ home builder, you can end up with the home of your dreams.  However, it’s also very easy to let your creativity run haywire.  If you have a lot of ideas but you can’t seem to pinpoint the ones you really want to put into practice, consider the following suggestions:

  • What Makes You Comfortable?  Everyone’s had that one room or that one home that they remember really fondly.  You may think that it’s just nostalgia but it’s quite possible that there were certain things about that space that were just right for you.  Write down all the points that you remember and try to recall whether being in a similar space worked for you at a different time as well.  For example, if the home you remember most fondly had a fireplace, think back to whether fireplaces in general have put you at ease.

Can You Afford Everything?  You might have a lot of different ideas about what you want in a home.  Maybe you want that perfect four-poster bedroom, a living room with a view, a study where you can concentrate, a gym where you can work out, a fully equipped kitchen where you can create some of your favorite dishes, a den with a big screen TV and other entertainment options, a swimming pool, a garden, a rock garden, a koi pond, etc. The list of things that you like can just go on and on.  If you can afford it all, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have it, unless the two things are clashing with each other like flower beds and rock gardens. If you can’t afford everything, make sure you get the things you’re definitely going to use rather than the things that you might want to use once in a while.

Taste. The other problem with getting absolutely everything you want out of a home is that it might be a little bit out of the bounds of good taste.  This doesn’t mean that you have to rein yourself in and settle for something that you don’t love.  It just means that you should think about whether you’re getting these things because you actually want them or because they’re status symbols.  If you can be sure that it’s your own taste which is dictating the building of your home, then you can rest easy.


These are just a few things you should consider when you’re building a custom home.  Contact us for more tips and information.