If the current home isn’t suiting you, downsize!  After the children grow up and move out, the home becomes too big.  The home you and the spouse shared ends up with just you inside.  The home mortgage and bills are too expensive to maintain, the yard is too big or the home is too large to maintain chores on your own.  That’s a few examples of why downsizing is a good idea.  Here are the keys to making it a reality:

  • The most important step into downsizing isn’t moving from one place to another.  You can check our blog or research online for the steps to moving from one home to another.  From selling your home to searching for another one and everything in between, every question has an answer.

The most important step to downsizing is cleaning out your stuff.  Start early; choosing to move at the last minute causes errors, tiredness and added stress.  The smaller home isn’t going to hold everything the larger one held, so downsizers need to brace themselves. As you take out items out of drawers and shelves, you understand how much stuff you own.  Lugging all that around to the next home is going to drive you crazy.  Instead, focus on one room at a time and decide if you want each item as you pack.  Pack only the items you definitely need, want or is irreplaceable.  Sort out unwanted items.  Sell them through a flyer, yard sale or online to make extra moving money.  Donate them to a secondhand or thrift store.  Toss out junk.  Save unsure items if you use it in a different way.  If it isn’t reusable or recyclable, it’s in the unwanted pile.

Prescott new homes have the right space and style you’re seeking.  During the visit to the homes of choice, you should pay careful attention to storage space.  Make the most of your home by stretching the shelving and drawer space to add more of your items.  Organization is the secret ingredient.  Purchase drawer dividers, closet organizers, multipurpose furniture/bedding and more organizing materials to keep you coordinated.  Add shelves to create extra wall space vertically and horizontally.

Downsizing into a new home is the best solution for you.  You can focus on you and enjoy life with less yard work, housework and bill amounts to pay.  Consider downsizing here in Prescott.  Contact us for more information.