When planning Prescott new homes, most people pour over every detail carefully in order to ensure the design they choose suits their needs perfectly. What they may not think about when doing so are their pets. If you’re a pet owner, here are some new home features you should consider before you build.


The right flooring can make life with a pet far much easier. Vinyl and laminate hardwood are both good choices because they resist stains and do not trap pet hair. If you absolutely have your heart set on carpeting, some things to remember when choosing a rug are:

  • Nap, as short piles tend to trap less pet hair and dander than other types
  • Ensuring the carpet is made from a stain-resistant material such as wool
  • Avoiding loop pile carpets that could cause a pet’s nail to get caught
  • Color-white or light colors will show muddy paw prints much easier than carpet that is a darker shade will

Safety Features

You should ensure that your home is safe for pets, which is why you should include the following features:

  • Windows with safety screens so that pets can’t fall out of them
  • Bottom cabinets that can be securely closed with a childproof lock
  • Door openings that are sturdy enough to attach pet gates to
  • Walls covered with satin paint, as this makes it easier to clean

Pets-only Space

Another thing you may want to think about including in your floor plan is “pets only” space. This doesn’t have to be a bedroom just for pets, as it can simply be a cubbyhole where toys and food bowls can be placed to keep them out of the way. Having this type of space available will be a very welcome addition if you have cats, because you’ll be able to keep your litter box away from your main living area.

Pet Friendly Yard

A fenced in yard is especially nice if you have dogs that may want to play outdoors from time to time. You should also choose your plants carefully, and avoid any that may be poisonous to your furry friends.

Here at Don Savage Builders, we have a number of floor plans that are ideal for families with pets. Contact us to see some of them.