When you move into your Prescott new home by Don Savage Builders, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it up first or making repairs. Your property will be brand new and in tip-top shape. What you do have to worry about is unpacking all the the stuff that you’re bringing into it. Use the following guideline to make the move-in go as smoothly as possible.

  • Begin with the bathrooms because you and your family will be wanting to use them after a long trip and throughout a long moving day. You’ll also probably want a bath at the end of the day. Include toiletries, towels and robes. If you require prescription medications, set those out in the medicine cabinet right away.
  • If you have kids, you want them out of the way

so they don’t hurt themselves. Unpack their rooms next. You can keep the older ones occupied by allowing them to set up and decorate their own rooms. Make sure the younger ones have their favorite toys out to keep them amused.

  • Completely unpack your bedroom. You’ll need a place to retreat from the rigors of the day and to get prepared to start the day. Set it up as completely as possible including all furniture, bed linens, clothing, shoes and makeup.
  • Save your kitchen for last, after you do the rest of the house. It often has the most items in it and is the most complex room to unpack. If you’re concerned about cooking, keep in mind that you can go to restaurants or do takeout for the first few days of your move. If you want to eat at home, unpack your kitchen table, a few chairs and utensils.

If you’d like more information in moving into a new home or having one built to your specifications, please contact us, your Prescott new home builder.