One of the major advantages to building a new home is the fact that new houses are typically more energy efficient than older ones are. When talking with a Prescott, AZ home builder, here are a few energy saving amenities you should discuss in order to make sure your new residence continues to save you money for years to come.


The right type of insulation can make a huge difference in the amount of energy that’s needed to heat and cool your home. Consider the following types of insulation for maximum efficiency:

  • R-19 in exterior walls
  • R-13 underneath wood floors
  • R-38 in your home’s ceiling
  • R-13 for your garage ceiling


Here in Prescott, an aesthetically pleasing material to consider for your home is stucco. This material insulates well against heat and cold, while also being rather easy to maintain. Vinyl windows in every area including your garage will ensure a tight seal and protect your home from excessive air loss. You could also lose a great deal of air through your front door, which is why an insulated metal self-sealing unit is highly recommended.

Heating and Cooling System

Modern heating and cooling systems are up to 15% more efficient than units 15 years or older. When you combine an efficient HVAC system with tight ductwork, you can expect to have a heating and cooling system that operates more quietly and efficiently than you had dreamed possible.

Energy Star Rated

You can choose a number of products for your home that are Energy Star rated. Appliances are probably one of the first things you think about, but there are also Energy Star light fixtures and ventilation fans as well. Best of all, including these fixtures in your home won’t cost you a great deal more money, but will nonetheless help you save lots of money over the long haul.

Here at Don Savage Builders, we are an Energy Star Partner, and would love to help you plan and design the most efficient home possible. Contact us today to find out more.