Those who have decided on building Prescott new homes have lot of decisions on their hands and the location is one of the most important. Choosing the location in important as it directly affects not only the area where your new home is located but also the type of community, taxes, plan restrictions and much more.

Your homes new location is so important because it is permanent and you cannot change it unless you sell your home. Here are some things to consider when picking out a lot:


The physical location of your new lot should be considered as it affects drive times to places you frequent. Items that should be considered are proximity to your work, schools, relatives, shopping as well as places you want to avoid such as certain neighborhoods. If you find an area you like drive around and check out the surrounding neighborhoods and business’s so there are not any surprises when you move in.


The size of the lot you choose is as important as anything as you will have to maintain it and you can never make it bigger or smaller. For active people it is recommended that they purchase a larger lot for room to enjoy the outdoor space. For seniors or those not capable of yard maintenance a smaller lot might be more beneficial.


Choosing a lot within an existing community or new planned community will almost certainly come with building restrictions and a home owner’s association fee. Read the restrictions in detail and be confident that you are ok with the rules and that your ideal home fits within them.  The upside to a community is the close relationship with neighbors which is especially important for families with children so that can have play mates.

If you would like information on building a new home and locations available within the Prescott, Arizona area, please contact us.