Some people know every specific detail about how they want their dream home and there are others who don’t know what to look for in a new home. What is important is that you and your family feel comfortable, happy, and safe in your new home. Make a list, asking yourself what matters to you; from how many rooms, to the style of the home and its location. Then, make a separate lists: write down your needs on one list, and your wants on another. From there you will have a bit more understanding about what type of home you need, want and what you won’t tolerate. Identifying the intolerable features early on can save you a future headache and money. Always choose where you want to live and watch out for deal breakers.

The location of your home is as equally important. Living in a community where there is low crime, low-traffic, or gated will matter to someone who is concerned with a child-friendly neighborhood, nearby playground, or a quality school district. Here are some area features that have become deal breakers when it comes to purchasing a new home:

  • Loud areas such as train tracks nearby, high traffic businesses.
  • Busy streets.
  • Fixer upper: lots of people would rather purchase a home that requires very little remodeling and repair.
  • Proximity to schools.
  • No yard.
  • Walls shared with neighbors.

The list can go on and on. Though it may be difficult to locate a home that meets all of your criteria, it is possible to get at least the majority of what you want even. You may have a huge back yard, but obnoxious neighbors. Don Savage Builders can help you build your dream home. For more information, contact us.