Given the various options open to you, it might be a bit confusing to finally decide exactly what features you want to have in your Prescott new home.  You may love that sculptural staircase but do you really want it to be the main showpiece of your home?  Or would you prefer to give that honor to your granite fireplace?  You love the idea of that irregularly shaped pool surrounded by plants because it has a holistic feel to it.  But you also like the idea of a rectangular pool so that you can swim laps.  If you’re having trouble deciding what features you want in your custom home, here are a few ideas:

Slow Down or Speed Up

Think about whether you want your home to be the place where you are really productive or where you kick back and relax.  For those who work from home, you want to be active within in the home.  So you’d probably like to have a lot of light and space in your home.  This generally helps you to think more clearly.  The above-mentioned sculptural staircase would probably be a good fit in a home like this.


However, if your home is the place where you relax after a hard day’s work, you probably want it to be cozy, dimly-lit and restful.  So you’ll probably want to go with the granite fireplace in front of which you can relax, read a book or just stare out the window.

Develop Your Hobbies

If you love cooking, you’ll probably want a custom home with a great kitchen.  You could get a granite countertop in your kitchen and also have it fitted with the latest appliances.  Don’t underestimate the value of tall windows in the kitchen too.  A person can always do with some natural light, even when they are cooking.  Not only does this help to improve your mood, it can also make you more productive.

On the other hand, if you are an artist, you’ll want a studio made to your specifications.  Artists have often spoken about the importance of light to their work.  So you’ll want this to be a room with a lot of light.  It would be ideal to have tall windows and even a skylight for your studio.  Plus, if it looks out upon an inspiring view, that would definitely help in your artistic productivity as well.  In this way, you can develop your hobbies further by getting custom touches in your new home.

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